Thursday, March 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Jonathan!

Just a few reasons Blake loves his daddy SOOOO much!

he takes me for rides on BIG tractors

he plays with me at the park

he feeds me lots of yummy treats

he cuddles with me and my "friends"

he takes naps with me

he makes silly faces, just like me

he lets me chew on his ear

he lets me ride on his shoulders

he lets me surf the internet with him

he lets me play with mommy's phone

he likes to dress just like me

he helps me build cool things with my blocks
We just wanted to wish Jonathan a happy (28th) birthday.... we love you!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

hair today.... gone tomorrow

Last week I gave my boys a long overdue haircut.... you can see they were less than thrilled about it! :o) Jonathan is pretty much over the "hating having his haircut" stage, but Blake is definitely not.... he absolutely hates it! He doesn't even like when you ask him if you can cut his hair, it almost brings the poor boy to tears, but it was just getting way TOO long. So before people started asking me if he was a girl, we decided to cut it, we even prepared some treats for bribery, and let him watch daddy get his haircut first. All our efforts to no avail though, we still had to hold him down and he still screamed the entire time, which sadly is an improvement because we were actually able to do it regardless. Last time it took 3 of us! I'm just surprised our neighbors didn't call the cops or CPS because we cut it out on the deck and I'm sure people could hear him from miles away! (they probably just looked out the window and laughed at us when they saw what we were doing!)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

sick day

Seems like everyone is getting sick lately, and apparently I'm not the exception! I have strep throat, (plus some other flu like symptoms)!! I don't think I've had strep since I was in middle school! It doesn't get much worse than being sick AND pregnant at the same time! so I've been hibernating at my parents house the last couple days so that they could watch Blake (and take care of me). Big thanks to them and my sister, you guys are lifesavers!!

ps. the funny thing about this is that jonathan called in "sick" one day last week.... then the next day I ACTUALLY get sick, and could've used his help at home. Pretty ironic (or maybe it's karma)!

Friday, March 6, 2009

that worked out well....

I was tagged... 6th picture in the 6th file of my pictures. I was a little afraid of what it might be! Turned out to be a pretty cute one, I can't believe he was ever that small!

I tag Kaitlyn, Jayme, Vashti and Lesha!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Me and Him

Ok, so I'm a copycat.... I've seen this on a couple blogs and thought it was cute, sorry I can't come up with things on my own! :o)

What are your middle names? Marie & Winter

How long have you been together? married almost 4 years, dated (on and off) for 2 years

How long did you know each other before you started dating? a few months

Who asked who out? he asked me to the Lynden fair

Whose siblings do you see the most? mine, because she only lives 45 min away!

Do you have any children together? one with one on the way

What about pets? nope

Did you go to the same school? nope, I went to Yelm, he went to Lynden

Who is the most sensitive? i am

Where do you eat out most as a couple? we don't eat out much just as a couple.... but i guess i would say Red Robin

Where is the furthest you two have traveled together as a couple? Florida

Who has the craziest exes? he only has one, but she takes the cake... just kidding :o)

Who has the worst temper? neither of us really have a temper... unless i'm driving and there are stupid people on the road, then i have a temper!

Who does the cooking? we both cook, I do more, but whenever Jonathan does it's always good!

Who is more social? we're about the same

Who is the neat freak? definitely me

Who is the most stubborn? I am

Who hogs the bed? definitely me, especially when i'm pregnant... because if i can find a comfortable spot, it doesn't matter where i am, he has to fend for himself (sorry jonathan!)

Who wakes up earlier? he does...he's been working the 5am shift, so he gets up around 3:30am!

Where was your first date? the Lynden Fair.... where i met his ENTIRE family!

Who has the bigger family? he does 5 to 1!

Do you get flowers often? no, not even if i beg for them! :o) although i did get rose bushes for Valentine's day, so i'm sure he'll say that i get flowers every day now!

How long did it take to get serious? that would take WAY too long to explain..... we got engaged about 2 years after we went on our first date!

Who eats more? do i really need to answer that.... jonathan!

Who sings better? He definitely does, but that's not saying much

Who does the laundry? i don't let him because he always leaves stuff in his pants pockets

Who’s better with the computer? we're about the same

Who drives when you are together? he has to because the passenger seat is moved forward for Blake's car seat, so he doesn't fit very well (we need a new car!)

Who picks where you go to dinner? it's like pulling teeth for us to make decisions like that... so whoever asks "where do you want to go" first, doesn't have to make the choice (pathetic I know)

Who is the first one to admit when they’re wrong? we're both pretty good about it

Who wears the pants in the relationship? we both do... i hate dresses... haha

Who cries more? i do, especially when i'm pregnant

Who eats more sweets? i have a major sweet tooth!

Sunday, March 1, 2009


This is Blake's new favorite thing to do... he loves listening to songs on my MP3 player or Jonathan's IPOD. He'll bring us the head phones and says, "songs." It's pretty cute!