Sunday, August 30, 2009


it's been a busy month for us.... jonathan has been working a lot so we've been trying to get out and have some fun so we don't miss him too much! as the title says we've gone to a couple baseball games, the beach, the fair, visited with cousins, and gone to the zoo. makes me tired just thinking about it! but we've had a blast!

by far our favorite summer activity.... i think we're up to 10 games so far this season, 6 mariner games and 4 rainier games!

pa and adam. blake and auntie marilyn.

typical scene at the game.

i can't believe we didn't spend ALL summer here!? we went the other week with some friends and had a great time, blake loved the sand and water and of course his friend ella!

just chillin

adam LOVES being outside

blake and his friend ella

we hit up the lynden fair with cousins blaine and isla! the fair holds a special place in my heart because it was where jonathan took me on our first date :o) so we try to go every year... plus my sister in laws are crazy fair people, so i get sucked in! (i secretly love it)

blaine and blake
blaine showing blake the ropes (i think that was her 2nd or 3rd trip that week)

the reptile tent was a HIT, they both loved the turtles!

my cousins melissa and steph and her two kids raelee and finnley (i hope i spelled that right!) came to visit last week. they live in oregon so we don't get to see them as much, but the kids had a great time together.

two cuties... fin is 9 months, adam is 5

raelee and blake watching lion king together

blake taking her for a ride in his tractor
last week my dad came up to visit and took us all to the woodland park zoo! what an awesome zoo... too bad we only saw like 1/8th of it! a couple reasons: the zoo is huge, i forgot my stroller, and we didn't know it closed at 6... we got there at 4:30! we'll definitely have to go back, but we loved what we did see!

my handsome boy!

pa and his boys

blake and mufasa (the lion from lion king... all lions are mufasa)

my poor dad had to wrangle blake most of the time, so he ended up like this, easier than chasing a 2 year old around i guess!

adam LOVES this.... (apparently i did too as a baby, like mommy like son!)
i wonder what september will bring!?

Thursday, August 13, 2009

cars... the real ones

blake's major decision of the day.... if only life were so simple huh!?

funny story:

well, it's sort of a story, maybe more of a mommy brag.... so bare with me. anyone who knows blake knows that he LOVES cars, and i'm not talking the movie here (although he does love that too), i'm talking the real thing. he loves steering wheels, doors, locks, lights, windshield wipers, turn signals, you name it. the impressive part about this is that he can pick out the make and model of cars as well... no he doesn't know the REAL names of them yet, but he can spot them regardless of color. for example, my mom just bought a new toyota sienna, which blake lovingly calls 'grandmas new car' (although it sounds more like 'damas new tar'), and no matter where we are if he sees a toyota sienna (any color) he says 'grandmas new car.' he's been doing this for a while, and his skills are improving, not only does he spot EVERY chevy aveo (daddy's car), dodge neon (aunties car), and buick century (grandmas old car) to name a few. now after seeing a car only once or twice and associating it with a person, he'll spot it everytime, no matter the color or location, and tell me who's car it is. anyways, i just thought that was pretty impressive for a two year old, and definitely makes for an interesting ride in the car!

Monday, August 3, 2009

we love camping

believe it or not, this was our very first camping trip as a family... actually as a married couple! needless to say, it's about time we went! jonathan's sister and mom were up visiting this past week, so the whole family decided to go camping at deception pass. lucky for us we went on the day it was 100+ degrees in western washington, but where we were it was a cool 75! it was a beautiful place back in the trees right by the ocean, it couldn't have been more perfect.

the first day we spent hanging around the camp, going for walks down to the beach, and just hanging out.

blake LOVED playing with his cousins, here he is holding hands with karlee and hallie

and i loved that all the girls wanted to hold adam! here he is with cousin mishael
blake was perfectly content sitting on the ground letting the waves hit him and throwing rocks in the water

we went for a hike around the water, here are some of the cousins.... believe it or not this isn't even half!
blake was able to spend lots of time with grandpa bob and had a TON of fun with him

grandma susan getting adam to smile and giggle

the night we left we decided to watch the sunset before we hit the road, it was beautiful! (on a side note, when we left there it was 68 degrees, by the time we got back to seattle at 10:30 pm, it was still 93 degrees!)

this is blake wondering where the sun went!

so, camping was a success and we can't wait to go again! we just need a bigger tent next time!