Friday, February 26, 2010

the worlds worst blogger...

i have not been a good blogger lately, ok... i haven't BEEN a blogger lately, and it's not for lack of material, or time really, i've just been lazy. i get a little behind and feel overwhelmed because i want to do things in order, and don't want to leave anything out (because lets face it, i don't keep a journal... this is the closest thing i've got), so then i just don't do it at all (good solution huh). anyways, lame excuse! who cares if my posts are out of order, right...

on that note...

my little man has to have surgery next month. blake has the biggest tonsils on the planet (literally what the doctor said), and has significant hearing loss (that explains a lot). the large tonsils and adenoids are effecting his sleep, he wakes up frequently during the night, and is tired a lot during the day. because of the swollen adenoids fluid builds up behind his ear drums causing the hearing loss. so on march 15, he's having those golf ball size tonsils taken out as well as the adenoids and having tubes put in his ears! i am SO happy about this because i know it will help him SO much, but i am SO nervous, he's my baby.... so keep us in your prayers!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

mariners fan fest

blake and i had a mommy/son day a couple weeks ago and went to Mariners fan fest with some friends of ours. anyone who knows us knows that we are HUGE baseball fans, we love going to games... last year we made it to more than 10 games! so we were VERY excited to be able to go on the field, run the bases, go in the dugout and tour the clubhouse!

blake and i on the field getting ready to run the bases....

i think i'll be getting that face for MANY years to come ('mom, quit taking pictures!')

3rd base!

this is blake's girlfriend Ella.... kissing in the dugout (how many guys can say they've done that!)

my favorite player of ALL TIME....this was SO exciting for me, i felt like a little kid!

we also saw some players, mostly from a distance, but it was still totally amazing.... we saw Jay Buhner, Ryan Rowland-Smith, Chone Figgins, and Casey Kotchman. we had so much fun, we can't wait for the season to start... only 9 days until spring training!!