Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I've been playing blog catch up today..... there are lots of pictures below!


Blake LOVES his auntie Marilyn.... probably because she's a sucker and will let him do ANYTHING!


"what's so funny?"

Do The Puyallup

My parents and I took Blake to the Puyallup fair last week, and let me tell you, I totally understand why parents put their kids on leashes!! I used to be so appalled by those things, I couldn't understand why anyone would use those on their kids.... they're for animals, not children! BUT..... try taking a kid to the fair that refuses to sit in his stroller, hold your hand, or stay by your side! So my dad and I traded off carrying him the whole time (by the way, he is NOT a light kid!) We still had fun though, despite my child trying to run away at every turn!
a rare moment when he WAS holding my hand... looking at the animals

curious.....but not curious enough to touch them!

sharing ice cream with grandpa

he figured out that the cone tasted good too, so he would take a bite of cone then a bite of ice cream.... smart kid!


he kept taking grandpa's hat off and kissing him on the head!

Football Season

We love football season at our house.... and despite the 0-2 record so far, we're still excited about it! For Blake's birthday, grandpa and grandma got him a customized Seahawks jersey, with his name and Jonathan's high school football number! (talk about spoiled) GO SEAHAWKS!!!!

But he does look pretty cute in it....

Looks like a natural to me!

He was also listening to grandma's IPOD while watching the game!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Cheap Labor

As most of you know, we're doing some remodeling in our new house, and doing all of the work ourselves.... and when I say "ourselves" I really mean Jonathan and my dad! They are both there pretty much all day everyday, we even enlisted my mom for some painting!! :o) In all seriousness I am really grateful for all of their help, either working themselves, or watching Blake so that we can get things done (plus letting us live with them in the process!). They are the BEST parents in the world! I have deliberately not posted any pictures of the house yet because I want to be able to show the "before and after" all at once! It is coming along well, we're hoping to move in in the next couple weeks! I'll post pictures soon!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Haircuts.... FINALLY

I'm not sure if any of you have noticed how LONG Jonathan's hair has gotten, but I'm pretty sure he hasn't cut for like 5 months.... I know, it's totally out of control. And to make matters worse some guys at work dared him NOT to cut it until JANUARY! Are you kidding me!?! Of course that made ME want to cut it even more. After much discussion, begging, pleading, and bribing (wink wink) I finally got to cut it!!!

Isn't that just ridiculous!

(don't mind the retarded faces, he's not one for cameras)


We also gave Blake a little buzz.... he wasn't so happy about it! I'll have to go back and touch up a little! :o)

Happy Birthday Grandpa!

That of course means..... more baseball games!! The night before my dad's birthday we went to the Tacoma Rainiers game, Blake was facinated with the mascot (it's a Raindeer in case you were wondering)....... until he got too close!

He just kept telling Rhubarb "BYE, BYE, BYE!" it was so funny!

The next day was Dad's actual birthday, so we went to the Mariner's game! We even got his name up on the big screen.....

He also got some Sara Evans tickets and UW golf gear, thanks to their newest employee (Marilyn)!