Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I am in need of some SERIOUS help girls! My closet is stuck in collage and I can't get it out! It's time for an intervention... I need help going through my closet and letting go of some of those 'i've had that since high school' things. Then I need someone (this will actually probably take a few of you) to take me shopping and tell me what is cute.... because seriously I have NO idea anymore... i.e. are tappered jeans, capris, shorts, and pants REALLY in (I may refuse, I look like a complete idiot in them). ANYWAYS, if it were up to me I'd wear workout pants, tshirts, and sweatshirts all the time... BUT... NEWSFLASH, I AM NOT IN COLLEGE ANYMORE! (we won't talk about how long ago it was either). Since you all dress so cute and fun...... help a sister out!


(this all may have stemmed from my shopping trip yesterday where everything affordable I found was UGLY, and anything cute was EXPENSIVE! needless to say I came home empty handed and a little depressed...)