Wednesday, June 17, 2009

elephants... and the rest of the zoo

last week we took blake and adam to the zoo. it was a beautiful day, perfect for tromping around the zoo.... apparently everyone in pierce and king county had the same idea! it was totally packed with kids on their 'end of the year' field trips, despite the crowds we still had a great time! blake's absolute favorite was the elephants... we probably went back 3 times to see them. i don't blame him though they are pretty cool animals. we listened to a little speech about them, and maybe i missed this day in 5th grade, but i didn't know that elephants live in a totally matriarchal society, with one dominant female? they tolerate males only if they are the babies of another female in the heard, but by the time they're about 13 they kick them out! sounds about right to me!

this is the 'leader' of the heard... large and in charge!

the monkeys were pretty fun to watch....

the walrus was OK....

....but it was back to the elephants, definitely the favorite!

a rare sighting... us together for a picture? what?

i think adam is learning this 'hurry up and take the picture' look a little too early!

Monday, June 15, 2009

got food?

...ummm, now i do, thanks to a few of my friends who showed up a few minutes ago with a couple bags of groceries! if only i had known that putting up a picture of my empty fridge would get me some free groceries, i would've done it a long time ago! :o) thanks jenn, steph, karen and heather, you guys are hilarious!
ps. i totally ate one of those apples after they left!

Friday, June 12, 2009

can you tell....

...that i HATE grocery shopping!?

we have more condiments in our fridge than actual food, no joke!

Monday, June 8, 2009

a week in the life....

*we had a very busy, very fun week last week! it seemed like we were out and about with something to do every single day! we tried to take advantage of the beautiful weather.... i think we were successful! monday through wednesday i packed up the kids every morning at 9:30 to go walking with an awesome group of girls from my ward, the boys both loved getting out and being pushed around in a stroller, and i LOVED getting some exercise and getting to know everyone.... they are all lots of fun! i think blake made some new friends too... i'm pretty sure he has a crush on 'ella bella' (that's what he calls her!) Here's blake getting ready to go (no pictures of me though... no one needs to see me pre-shower and all sweaty!)

*we also hit the park a number of times, blake's favorite is the swings! adam also enjoyed a little nap in the shade!

*wednesday night and thursday day we spent at my parents house (they have AC, and it was HOT that day). ironically we spent most of the day OUTSIDE. we blew up blake's kiddy pool, and i'm not sure who had more fun, him or jonathan!

*friday we went to the mariner's game... no pictures of that either, it was SOOO crowded we could hardly move, but still fun as always! blake is really starting to love going to the 'ball game' and is such a good boy while we're there (mommy couldn't be happier!).

*saturday the boys and i took a last minute trip to oregon for my cousin's graduation party, we left early and didn't get home until 11pm.... needless to say we crashed!