Monday, February 27, 2012

someone turned 30

unfortunately it was me.... i've been dreading this for some time now, really NOT looking forward to it, but surprisingly it wasn't so bad. i had an entire birthday week with parties, dinners, and amazing friends and family! although i still have a hard time typing 30 in for my age on the treadmill, i think i'll survive.
 this is the cake my parents got for me... i loved it!
 uhhh... but that's WAY too many candles!
i got an ipad for my birthday.... but i'm quickly realizing who's ipad it REALLY is!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

oh yeah...

i also got knocked up last fall.... so we're having baby boy #3 June 4!

Friday, February 24, 2012

mini catch up in pictures

since i haven't really blogged in.... like.... are a FEW highlights from last spring and early summer....
the boys got to go to work with daddy one day.... they had a blast!
I ran my first marathon (Seattle Rock N Roll) and finished in 3:52.... I was pretty happy with that, and can't wait to do another one!
In March Jonathan turned 30.... now it's almost march again, so he's 31 now
in May we went with our good friends to Mexico!
and when we got home from London we bought a new car!!! I LOVE IT!!

here's a little of what we've done since september. these also didn't load in any order, i am obviously out of practice!
 sledding the day after christmas at mt. baker, blake got a face full of snow on his first run, luckily he was able to shake it off and have fun!
 adam did surprisingly well too.... he actually lasted the whole time

 silly straw glasses they got for christmas
 january snow storm, they promptly kicked over the snowman right after this picture
it was a transformer kind of christmas!

decorating our tree.... they did a great job!
blake's preschool christmas program
christmas morning, waiting for pa, grandma, and t marilyn to come
october road trip to utah for their cousins baptism
almost all of the cousins....
danielle's baptism day
fall leaves
picking out our christmas tree (wow, these are really out of order)
train ride at the christmas tree farm
vacation to Whistler
gondola ride from peak to peak
lots of trips to the zoo this summer
and lots of rides at the fair

and of course our summers are always full of baseball games!