Wednesday, May 19, 2010

so proud...

...of this boy!

he is officially potty training! yay!
and he is a pro!

we started yesterday...
-he has had no accidents
-he gets up and goes to the potty all by himself
-i rarely have to remind him
-he's gone both #1 and #2 with no problems (he sits down, so there's no mess! :)
-he's gone potty in public restrooms (he told us he had to go!)
-last night (his first night) he woke up dry

i have no delusions that we won't have some accidents in the future or that we don't have any more work ahead of us... but he's doing it, and doing really well! so, for as well as he's doing, it was worth the wait!

Friday, May 14, 2010

haircuts x3

yesterday in the beautiful sunshine, i sat all my boys down on the deck and tortured them with haircuts! they all did surprisingly well... blake didn't even cry this time!! this is major progress people, the last few times it has taken at least 2 sometimes 3 people to hold him down just to buzz it off. yesterday he sat on his dads lap, didn't cry, and sat perfectly still while i was able to trim around his ears and neck! adam did really good too... he was a little squirmy, but didn't cry! now, if adam's hair wasn't starting to get in his eyes i probably wouldn't have cut it, i think he looks so cute with long blond shaggy hair, but it is summer, and the poor kid doesn't need hair in his eyes!

adam before:

adam after: (i was amazed at how soft and fine his hair is, and how LONG it actually got)

blake before: (ok, he did cry a little before we started, but he calmed down)

blake after:

no before/after pictures of jonathan, because let's face it, seeing a grown man get his hair cut is neither exciting or cute. but of course i think he looks handsome! :)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

it's official

jonathan has been selected by his work to take a temporary assignment in LONDON for 6 months!
we will be there from the end of July to the end of January!

Monday, May 3, 2010

100th post

i can't believe i've had this blog for almost 2 years and i'm just now getting to 100 posts! well, at least it's a good one....

this saturday i ran my first half-marathon!

i was excited, but nervous... and so happy that i had a bunch of friends that did the half marathon too! we had a great time and everyone did amazing, i was so proud of everyone! i wasn't too happy about the rainy weather, but very grateful that i decided to bring my hat, so it really wasn't an issue. i ended up beating the goal that i set for myself and really enjoyed the run! i still have a lot to learn about racing because the last couple miles about killed me, and i have been so sore the last couple days i could hardly walk! all in all it was a great time and i'm excited for the next one!

my mom brought the boys to cheer me on at the end... i almost cried when i saw them at the end, but still had about a 1/4 of a mile left, so i had to suck it up! :) they also brought me sweet!

that face should say it all....

i think it took me about 5 min to get up after squatting down like that!

here are my stats:
time: 1:46:16 (8:07 min mile)
5th in my age group
22nd female overall
83rd finisher
*thank you to my parents for watching the boys the night before, and for bringing them to the race, it meant so much to me to have you there! i love you!