Friday, March 26, 2010

don't you just want to kiss those cheeks!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

surgery and st. patty's day


Monday Blake went in for surgery to have his tonsils & adenoids removed, and tubes put in his ears. We were told to be at the hospital at 9am, so that meant to eating or drinking ALL morning.... grumpy face says it all....

he was actually excited to go to have surgery, because he knew he'd get popsicles afterwards!

he did not however, like the little gown they made him wear

but then we found some cartoons to watch while we waited

and waited.... he didn't actually go into the room until 11:15. i took him back to be put under, which wasn't the most pleasant thing i've ever done. but he did great, and was such a trooper. i never once felt afraid or worried, like i thought i would... i felt very at peace the whole time, so thank you for all of your prayers and thoughts, i know that it helped! i didn't take any pictures of after surgery, he was pretty out of it, and i wasn't really thinking about the camera at all. but after a few popsicles and a short nap we were on our way home (gown and all, he would NOT take it off :o). since then he's been doing really well, the first night home he was running around playing... which caught up with him the next day, so we've just been taking it easy, eating lots of popsicles and drinking lots of clear liquids! he'll be back to 100% in no time!

St.Patricks Day
i have to admit that i pretty much forgot about st. patricks day, so no green pancakes for breakfast or anything, but i did remember that i bought the boys matching shirts a while back... and this is my attempt at getting them to take a nice cute sweet picture together... yeah right...

blake kept standing in front of adam, so adam would try and pull him down

and they both wanted at the camera, so they wouldn't stand still

and blake... just bugging his brother as usual... pretty soon adam is going to start fighting back, and he is not going to like it!

so i got a couple solo shots at least

ps. adam is walking now!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


happy birthday to me! for my birthday this year i got to go on a cruise! it wasn't actually FOR my birthday, but ended up being during my birthday!! a couple of my friends and i were lucky enough to get some well deserved rest and relaxation. our amazing husbands took the kids and sent us on our way! we took a 5 day baja mexico cruise, and had so much fun! we visited Catalina Island, Ensanada Mexico, ate some great food, slept, read, and layed out in the sun (among other things). what more could these mommy's ask for!?

the second day on the cruise was my ##th birthday, so my room was decorated and at dinner they gave me the most amazing chocolate cake and sang happy birthday to me! so fun!

the second day was also Catalina Island, which was beautiful, we walked around town and layed on the beach!

here is ashley and i on fancy dinner night!

jenn and i... i'm sure she was trying to get me to eat sushi... nice try! we all had a great time just hanging out and chatting, laughing at the karaoke singers and comedian, and did i mention we ate LOTS of great food! :o)

here is mariah and i, this was the day in Ensanada... she got pretty good at bartering with the locals, and got some GREAT deals!
we took a bus ride to some shops and 'the blowhole' which really just looked like waves crashing on the rocks... whatever, it was pretty!

after we got off the boat we had quite a bit of time before our flights, so we rented a car and explored hollywood a little bit! look... i'm famous! :o)
i have to thank my amazing husband who took time off work to be with the kids, and help watch some other kids! i love you so much!