Wednesday, October 28, 2009

the great pumpkin

(as interpreted by blake)

"what the heck are my parents doing?"

"if dad can do it, so can i"

"ummm... this is disgusting"

"YES!... i LOVE to color"

"i'll let dad do the hard part and try to figure out what i drew"

"i guess mom wants to join the fun too"

"adam is too little to carve pumpkins, only big boys like me get to"

"isn't my pumpkin AWESOME!?"

"this is mom's.... it's ok, i guess... but she cheated and used a stencil!"
("we got to go to pa and grandma's house and carve some more pumpkins... mom and grandma did all the work though, while us guys just sat around and watched, man are they suckers!")

"my mom did the mariner moose... my FAVORITE!"

"and grandma did this one... i still can't figure out what crabs have to do with halloween..."

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

six months old!

yep that's right, adam is 6 months old (well, actually 6 1/2, but we just went to the dr. today)!

a little bit about adam:
weight: 16lbs (10-25%)
height: 26.5in (>25%)
head: 44.75cm (50-75%)

*the doc was very impressed with how well he's sitting up
*he said he wouldn't be surprised if he was an early walker.... skipping crawling all together (because he HATES HATES HATES to be on his tummy)
*he is a total mama's boy
*he's going to give blake a run for his money when he starts walking, he's already a toy stealer!
*he has the cutest laugh and giggle
*he's a major flirt
*he's my little surfer dude with bright blue eyes and blonde hair
*he has a very sweet and fun personality, it is so exciting to see it come out more and more as he interacts with us and his brother.


DAY 30

DAY 60

DAY 90

DAY 120

DAY 150

DAY 180

Thursday, October 15, 2009

blake went swimming today in the bathtub because some dummy left the water running while she checked her email, blog, facebook, etc.... nice huh?! mom of the year for sure!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

until next year.....

we went to our last mariner game of the season a couple weeks ago.... we had a great time, but it was a little sad too. not only is it the end of baseball until april (at least for the mariners), but probably Griffey's last season. anyone that knows me and my family, we are HUGE Griffey fans and have been since he started playing in 1989! it was so exciting to have him back in seattle this year and get to see him play one more year... he was an amazing player. he also happened to hit his last home run of the season (probably his career) the night we were there!! we made it to over 10 games this year, and blake is already asking to go back.... he is just like his mommy! ;o)

did i mention that it was one of the coldest nights we've had so far... and the wind was blowing like crazy! poor kid, his hands were freezing... but he didn't care!

my dad and mom surprised us with the tickets and we all went together... good thing, i finally got a picture of us all together!

checking out the trains one last time... blake loves the trains!

what a cute picture huh!? i know he's only 6 months, but adam loves going too!
his last home run!! LOVE this guy!

blake sat with grandma and grandpa most the time... they had the blanket!
adam was all bundled up (keeping daddy warm too), most of the game all you could see were his little eyes and nose poking out of the blanket.
we're already looking forward to next season!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

the puyallup x3

i know the fair was almost a month ago now... oops, but we've been so busy i've had no time to share all of our fun adventures! so i'm going to try and catch up! wish me luck!

i've gone to the puyallup fair every year since i can remember, and i was not about to break that streak this year! however, i did not plan to go 3 times.....


my friend mariah and i wanted to take our boys to the fair, but neither of our husbands wanted to go... so we decided to go together! our boys have a lot of fun playing together, and the fair was no exception, we all had a great time! (of course i took 2 pictures and realized my memory card was full... so thanks mariah for taking pictures!)

we even went to see 'the brain' in 3D... but after a few minutes blake was crying and begging me to take him home.... it was pretty loud, and i think a little startling to have things coming out of the screen at him!

then it was on to the rides, which they both LOVED, here they are in the helicopter

we of course spent a lot of time looking at the animals, they also had a little 'petting zoo' which was pretty fun for the kids!
i also got a caricature (basically a cartoon profile, in case you didn't know) of the boys ... my parents had them done for my sister and i every year, so i wanted to continue the tradition with my boys... blake already has 3 of them! and believe it or not, the SAME guy that did ours as a kid is still there doing them!
of course we ended the day with a delicious elephant ear! (which is probably my favorite part!)
trevor and kaitlyn came to visit us and had free passes to the fair.... how do you say no to that! the best part of this day (besides the great company, and yet another elephant ear) was the mutton busting! it's basically bull riding for 6 year olds! it was hilarious... these kids get all padded up with helmets and everything.... they're put on the back of a sheep and hold on for dear life! the kid that holds on the longest gets the gold buckle! i can totally see some of my nieces and nephews doing this!

my parents were headed to the fair one day and had to stop by our house on the way... and somehow we ended up there yet again! :o) this day was spent mostly taking blake on rides, looking at some of the 4h stuff (love you mom), and just wandering around.
this was the first ride.... the picture doesn't do it justice, blake hated it. i really don't blame him, that thing was whipping us around like rag dolls, it really wasn't fun at all, i was worried he wouldn't go on anything else after this....

....but we found this one that was much more tame, he went on it a couple times

and the horses a couple times (pa and blake)

and one of his favorites... the TRAIN! (grandma and blake)
thanks pa and grandma for a really fun day!
ps. good thing the fair is only once a year, otherwise i would weigh 500 lbs from those dang elephant ears!